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Default Re: How to make better korkers???

Originally Posted by jhall52 View Post
You know, someone mentioned awhile ago to leave the ribbon right on the dowel and count the spirals, then make your cut. That's what I've been doing. (these were cut on the 8th spiral, on 1/4" dowels) Sooo much easier. And doesn't mark the dowel like you'd think (that was my first question).

564tamara....I wonder about the premade korker, as I've never used it. I wrap and bake my own so I have control over temp, starching, etc. With the premade you pretty much have to take what you get, unless you know personally who you're buying from. KWIM?

Thanks!!! I still have an entire tray still on the rods because I got frustrated with the first couple not looking perky like my 3/8 korkers so put them aside. I will try doing it this way .
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