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Default Re: How to make better korkers???

Originally Posted by 564tamara View Post
That's what I was thinking...I got some dowels so I can make my own. Do I just buy a can of spray starch like for clothes? I got the premade in a destash and it's definately not starched. How long should I bake them and what temp works good? Thanks!!
275 degrees for 20 - 30 minutes. I've just used the Niagara Starch, and also tried some starch I got at Joann's for a lot more money. It was supposed to not leave 'residue'. But isn't that what starch is? Anyway, it didn't work any better than the spray can of Niagara but might have smelled a little better. For the cost difference,, I won't sniff 'em! I have tried not starching them before baking them, but spraying them with hairspray after and letting them air dry. It did make them more stiff, and again, if you use scented hairspray, made them smell really nice. (I had Herbal Essences). Just do what you're doing, experiment for what gives you the look you want!

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