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Default Re: Pixie Tutu Instructions

I commend your post. Forgiven (I was never involved, just a reader ).

Originally Posted by tiarastutus View Post
Despite what I have said or done, I am coming to you now, with nothing to lose and nothing to gain. I would like to apologize to you personally for anything and all that I have done to offend you. I hope you can find it in your heart to accept my apology.

To everyone here,
I am so sorry! I see that I was wrong to ever think that I would, could, or should stop others from making what they choose, whether I was the first, fifth, or one-thousandth person to make it! I am putting on my big girl panties, getting over it and moving on.

I hope that you may all forgive me for my ignorance and bad choice of actions.
I am very sorry.
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