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Default Re: Looking for Colores Doming Resin Tips

Feeling GREAT! I did 20 caps. Not one bubble! I love the way the caps look. I wonder about the seal around the edges, though. I just dropped the mixture in the center and let it spread. Now I have a couple more questions...

1. I'm still wondering about storage. Can I leave the applicator tips on and just cap them, or do I need to remove and put the screw cap back on?

2. Doesn't the mentioned medicine dropper get filled with resin? How might you clean it to reuse it?

3. much can I charge for these puppies? I used to add a dollar to a bow for my old bottlecaps...and I charged $2 for a clippie with cap glued on. Think I can get more now that they have this fabulous dome?

Thanks. Ladies...Oh, and if anyone else has a description of their Colores Doming Resin process, I would still love to hear it.
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