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Default Re: "Bella Regazza Tutu Tutorial".

my first one I started a 7pm worked on it till 11:30pm finished it in the morning took about another 30 min to finish. The one I Made last night I started at 7pm worked on it till about 10:30 while I took pics etc. played with crying baby, making something to eat for crying children, Ordered a hood from ebay for DH who's sitting at the computer complaining that he can't figure it out. Spent about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs this morning finishing it.
It's not real easy, Tutu's are my thing (because I can't make bow's ) so I take pride in making sure each little detail is perfect.

Originally Posted by Tabitha3 View Post
I'm still stuck on the 4 hour time frame to make one ... or was that how long it took you to put the tut together, b/c I don't think I want to spend 4 hours making a tutu! LOL