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Default Re: Looking for Colores Doming Resin Tips

This is what I do:

I pour 1/4 oz of the 1011(resin) into the little cup and then add 1/4 oz of the hardener. I fold for roughly 70 seconds, then let sit for 5-10 minutes. While its sitting, I prepare my surface, which happens to be a pan lined with wax paper, and put my caps onto the pan.

I use a medicine syringe thing that came from Walgreens to put the resin onto my caps. I have better control over it this way. I drop a bit into the middle of one, move to the next one, and then do a third. I go back to the first one and run the dropper around the outside of the images to seal, then gently coax the resin in the middle to meet the edges. Then I do the other two. Repeat until all caps are done.

After I have all of my caps resined, I put them in the oven (off) for an hour. I then carefully take them out and run a lighter over them to pop bubbles. I put them back into the oven, do the lighter again an hour later, and pop back into the oven. I let them sit overnight. The next morning, I turn on the oven to 150 and shut if off. I let it sit while I'm at work. When I come home, they are perfect. I did 40 caps last night and not one has a bubble.

This is my way to do it. I trialed and errored until I figured out what worked.
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