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Default Re: Pixie Tutu Instructions

Originally Posted by pinkygirl79 View Post
Thanks for the link Stacey!
Hi Tiara,
Okay let me say that I have a heart and I did start to feel bad. Not to the point where I will not make more because I honestly can say that I did not copy or research your tutus or any of that other mumbo jumbo (for a lack of better words). Bottom line is I like you received a disturbing email . You already knew you had no legal claim to a copyright as stated in the forum but you chose to go ahead and contact me anyhow. Difference is " I knew better" So before you contacted me you should have thought of the situation you were in, as stated in the forum when you received a "disturbing email". If your really not here to start any drama then why even post that you are the original creator etc etc. Hey in my mind I was the original creator until you sent me a message. Its sounds to me like you are not willing to let it go like you say you are You hijacked someones thread and basically are saying i'm on your board to share your ideas (because that's what we do here) but I am not sharing mine. Shame on you! You just called your own BS right there in the forum. You even went as far as the tutu mafia. Wow! So there really is such a thing? Sounds like they're not big help. Maybe they're conspiring to take you down. Too bad they are misinforming you. I know you are on this board and are most likely going to read this and my intention is not to harass you. I am a grown woman with three kids (no i'm not copying you) I started in '99. LOL I have better things to do than scour the internet for designs that I want to copy or harass people. BTW... Notice that I purposely left your business name out of all the threads on this issue. I don't like drama and I do not want anyone to have any type of negative publicity, friend or foe. I want everyone to do well. This board is full of wonderful ladies who share ideas and yes we even give others instructions on how they too can do the things that we do We don't worry about being competition. We are like one great big extended family. We are here for each other to talk business or personal. With that said you have yourself a great day because reading that thread in the forum just made mine

Well said!
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