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Default Re: Bottle caps?

I use a xyron sticker maker (permanent) to adhere my images to the cap. After I put the image on I let it sit for a few hours.

You can buy resin tops on Etsy if you want to go that way. I use envirotex lite for my resin. Most craft stores have it. You also need plastic cups to mix it in. Start with a small amount of resin. I used the lids for the bottles. Mix equal parts very well and pour a small amount on the cap. I use a squeeze bottle to apply mine that I got by the cake decorating stuff. Some people use Popsicle sticks. Once you get better and faster you can mix more resin to do more caps. It needs to sit for a couple of day before it is cured. After the first day it should be dry but soft. Hope that gets you started off- it's kinda a learn as you go process in what will work best for you.
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