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Default Re: Board bow holders???

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
I do my bow holders with diff size canvas. I have done ones where you stretch fabric over them also, but my best sellers are painted ones. I just paint the whole canvas, spray it with spray glitter and let dry. Then I hot glue my ribbons to the back of the canvas, wrap around, hot glue to the back again at the bottom. I finish the back of mine but you don't have to. I take 1 1/5" ribbon and hot glue all the way around the back of the board to hide all my glued ribbons. I sell little ones for $15 and bigger ones for $20-$25 depending on the size. HTH
Hmmm...this intrigues me. What/how did you paint it? Are you talking just a solid color, or a design? I'm not all!! Do you have a picture of one you've made this way?

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