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Default Re: Board bow holders???

We have a few markets that go on in the summer around here. Our main, huge Farmers/Crafters market is also VERY picky/stingy about what can go in. I am excited though about another small local one that will allow me to have a booth for $10 a pop!! And, I get to share it with a friend. So excited.

SO glad you mentioned the bow holders. I made one for a friend and love to do it, but I have got to figure out shipping because it was huge and the shipping was SO expensive. Love the idea of selling them at the market.

I really need to work on inventory.....eeep!

Oh, and I too use the canvas, and a staple gun to attach the batting and the fabric, as well as the ribbon. I didn't add buttons on my first one, but probably will on the next ones I make. I made a 16x20 and charged $18, but upped it to $20 for others. Not sure how much the smaller ones will be.

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