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Default Re: the mafia tutorial

Originally Posted by samiam8868 View Post
I am the magic tutu lady's mother.

I know you think you have hurt my daughter. The truth is, you have only made her more popular and more beloved. You have strengthened her bond with those who know and love her. You have given her stronger drive to create even more beautiful and amazing tutus. You have added to her strength in your attempts to bring hurt and harm.

One of the truly amazing things about my daughter is her sense of beauty and style, and her ability to push the aesthetic envelope no matter what medium or project she embarks on. I've seen the work she has put into coming up with innovative designs and styles no one else has thought of in creating beautiful little tutus for little girls.

They look like rich jeweled flowers blooming all around us. She has always had a fine ability with color, ever since she was a child. Anything she wanted to make, she could envision and just make without instructions or a pattern. She never needed to copy others, because she has the gift to create from her own visions.

You have seen it, the outstanding beauty of her creations started your ruckous. By pushing the envelope she stirred up a mess of controversary, spite, jealousy and rage from those who cannot create. Rock on daughter of mine, shine like the jewel that you are.

I know you will continue to do what you are doing, I don't actually think my words will penetrate your hearts. I just thought someone who knows her should say something here, for the record.

There are many of you, and only one of her. You have behaved like school yard bullies, but I don't think you will see it that way. I don't think the bullies ever do.

Those who are a part of a mob completely lose sight of the one spiritual being the mob is attacking, failing to think for a moment what it would be like if you yourself were the one being attacked by the many. Or to be the mother of the one and to see this happening to someone you love.

Shame on all of you.

Your daughter is the one who acted like a psycho making fake accounts and sending childish emails. Time to move along now, bye bye.