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Post Re: 3" Cheer bow measurements ??

Thanks for the info on length, I'm trying to figure the bow loop itself size. Cheer girl, I didn't quite "get" the 4" measurements.
I take my ribbon (2.25" ribbons, usually, unless making pigtail bows), cut 27 or 28 inches, fold in 1/2, then measure 7" to the left, then again from center to 7" to the right and mark both with a dot in the center of the ribbon. I make the dots meet by crossing the tails, so it looks like a survivor ribbon.
This way, the 14" of the riboon is looped, folded and sewn to make the bow loops, my bow loops are actually 7" from side to side. Hope I'm not talking jibberish, just trying to be really really specific so I can better clarify my question...
I'm asking about the size of the bow loops when using larger ribbon. are your 3" ribbon bows 7 inches or 8 inches? or more??
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