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Default Re: the mafia tutorial

here here! i think pat said it perfectly!

3 cheers for jess! hip*girl* hip*girl* hooray! hip*girl* hip*girl* hooray!

Originally Posted by pat font View Post
ROFLMAO OMG I can`t believe this!!!!
jessm316 you have unravelled the mistery and set it free to the wild
I can`t believe .....I`ve never done a tutu before but for sure I am making this one sure as I have noo girl only two boys and neither of them is going to wear this but it is soooo pretty and original that I have to try it and give it to a cute little girl to wear as a gift.

Jess I am pretty sure you have just made a whole big bunch of new friends here ...and not only because of the wealth of information but because of the solidarity and excellent understanding of what a crafting forum is for.