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Default Re: another bottlecap ???

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I use Triple Thick Brilliant Brush on Gloss Glaze from Deco Art. I got it at Michaels. I like it and all you have to do it paint it on and let it dry - 24 hours, which is a bummer, but I have found you can't cheat on this or you will screw them up. Also, I have been using Design Originals bottle cap stickers that are the perfect size, though you are limited on designs. But super simple. I have to "prime" them with clear finger nail polish or the reds and pinks tend to run if I don't. Found that out the hard way.

For attaching them, I have used Tonya's way. However, I did that after I did the stickers and glaze, and then when I went to turn them over for the hot glue to dry, the sticker image got warmed up by the glue and then it stuck to the paper that I laid them on, so that sucked. Now, I will do the attaching of the ribbon with hot glue before I do the top of the bottle caps. Hope that helps!

THanks for that! i've been too nervous to invest in bottle cap supplies, but this makes it seem doable! thanks
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