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Default Re: Pixie Tutu Instructions

Originally Posted by tiarastutus View Post
Hey guys! I just wanted to pop in and point out that the three tiered pixie tutu is my original design. I dreamed up and created the original three tiered pixie tutu myself. I began selling them on Etsy last Spring. I'm sure many of you are aware of my shop and my designs.

Everyone here who has ever come up with an original design and had it copied knows just how bad it feels. All I am asking of you is to keep this in mind as you make this design. Those of you who ask others not to copy your original designs should offer that same courtesy to others.

Thank you, Tiara Lynn
Tiara's Boutique
I understand your concern about "your" design. I have designed the fabric sunflower and others have created something similar and has it posted for free on the web. We are all creative and may get the same ideas as others during different times without know they thought them up. I think everything is unique in there own way. Not two people can create the same thing exactly the same. I honestly think its a waste of time to go around and hound every single person who copies "your" tutu. If you are confident in your work I wouldn't be bothered because people will find you and buy from you if they are well made and worth it. Life"s to short to be the tutu police. And I have other tutu instructions and I do recall the set I have has a layered tutu in it also and she's been selling longer than 3years. You may not have been the first but all in all its not worth the DRAMA to get worked up over.
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