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Default Re: another bottlecap ???

I got mine at Michael's it was a little less then Hobby Lobby but if you print out the Hobby Lobby coupon each time you can get it for 40% off. In case you were not aware every other week they have the cpns on their site. But what is a page pebble???

Originally Posted by princesszoe View Post
Hey Rachel,

You can get the 1" hole punch at Hobby Lobby. I use photo paper. Not sure how the page pebbles will stick on the sticker paper. I have had problems with them staying on some photo paper. Kodak Ultra Premium works best for me. I "rough" my caps up a little with sand paper or a cheap nail file. Wipe down with alcohol. Spray adhesive seems to work best for me. I know someone also mentioned using a glue stick but I haven't tried that. As far as the caps go, colored ones are more expensive. I purchase from Design Originals. For silver or gold, Williams Brewing - 150 for $3.60. I think $11 for 100 caps is quite expensive.

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