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Default another bottlecap ???

ok, so i read the previous posts about making bottle caps--but still have a few questions for those that make them! i ordered my caps, got some cute images, and got those pebbles that someone suggested--so now here are my other questions:

1.) where can i get a 1" hole punch--i looked at walmart and joann's--but no luck--does hobby lobby have them or do i have order one from creative memories?

2.) do you print the images on photo paper or just regular paper? i am going to use that sticker maker thing that another person suggested--sorry, i should have wrote down all the names of everyone that made these great suggestions--but i didnt!

3.) i know tonya uses hot glue to attach hers--i have tried hot glue and mine fall off--but i havent ever wiped them down w/ alcohol like she said to do, so that might make a difference. But how do others attach the bottle caps?

ok, that is all i have right now! thanks for helping! i cant wait to get my caps so i can make some!!!

oh--i found my caps on ebay from this seller--right at $11 for 100 caps including shipping--i thought that was a good price--i will let yall know the quality when i get them! they have some auctions--so you might be able to get them even cheaper than that!
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