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Thumbs up Sorta like a woodburner

I was in Michael's yesterday and was looking around the clearance section. I found a tool that kinda looked like a woodburner and figured what the heck why not try it. I've been wanting to get a woodburner for some time now and just haven't wanted to spend the money to get one. It's made by Walnut Hallow and it's a creative textile tool.
I found it for $6.99 (regular $34.99). It is the neatest thing i've ever seen. I decided to play with it last night. It has a little pointed tip that you can cut ribbon with. (I even "carved" my name into a piece of 3/8 ribbon) Very precise and HOT!
I am truly in love with this. It has other tips too like an iron thingy but I dunno what some do.

(sorry if it sounds like rambling, the baby is hollering and I can't think)
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