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Post 3" Cheer bow measurements ??

Hey, all,

Just a quick ?? re: measurements for 3" cheer bows. I am making a presentation to our HS & MS cheerleading coaches, and want to bring some jaw-dropping samples.
I just picked up some 3" ribbon, and have great plans for all of it...meaning, I don't want to waste even an inch of it! I only ordered 15 yards of it, didn't want to have 50-60 dollars of ribbon just sitting until I have a large order.

Can someone tell me what measurements they use with their 3" cheer bows? Do you just use the same 7" markings (7", then 14" back center, then 21") that you do with your 2.25" ribbon? or should I add an inch to each side and make a gi-normous bow? Don't want to scare these coaches with Texas-sized bows, but do want the "Wow!" factor to influence their decision!

Thanks for your help,
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