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Default Re: baking bottle caps help

i wait till about 6-8 hours later to put them in the oven. cant put them in the oven when they are still in the wet stage, gotta put them in in the sticky stage. i make about 100-400 caps a week so i learned that by experience.

Originally Posted by taxiof2 View Post
OMG! What did I do wrong???? I read on a couple of threads that you can put bottlecaps in the oven. I poured the ET resin on, degassed them for about an hour. I put the oven on 200 and then turned it off and put the BC's in. I waited about an hour and there were thousands of bubbles all over them!!! They were set. I tried to warm the oven up and put them in again, no such luck. I ruined 20 caps. Not too many, but enough that it was a pain. Anyone have any suggestions?

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