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Default Re: Double sided tape

I've become so hooked on the stuff not only do I buy it by the caseload to sell to others, I use it up like mad myself!!

At first I, too, was a little confused on how it was supposed to be quicker.

And maybe my way can still be improved but one thing is for sure: I actually ENJOY it now! Before, I would get the finished bows all lined up and then it would be grumble grumble, stupid clips LOL

What I do:

I cut my ribbon strips by the dozens. Dozens of the most used colors (korker bows are what I do, and 99% of korker bows will include either white, black, red, pink, or shocking pink!)

My husband heat seals all the ends (he actually does my heat sealing in general. ladies, this man was born with a gift. His heat sealed ends are to die for!)

So now I have a baggie full of sealed ribbons. I can go anywhere now to line clips! At DD's swim lessons, in the car (as the passenger of course LOL) you name it.

I prefer most to just sit on the couch and watch some 90210 Netflix DVDs however
I put a snack tray in front of me and line up 4-5 of the ribbons. Then I just use the tape to line them in a row. Thats something that takes a little practice with holding/applying the tape.

When those 4-5 are on the tape, I lay 4-5 more down (keeping the others on the tape and just sliding them off the table) and line those. Pretty soon I have this gigantic strip of ribbons attached to the tape.

I like this because I can also roll it up and take it and a pair of scissors with me someplace and its so easy to cut the ribbons apart! I cut the ribbon at the end. I can then either store it like that in the bag, or start to put them on clips. You probably with enough practice could skip the step of cutting them, and cut them after you put them on the clip, but I dont mind that part so much so I do it for now

I will say (like another posted mentioned!) that when I go to put the bow on, I will attempt to tug up the end on the pinchy part and put a dot of hot glue (because like her, I am OCD about it for some reason!) it it's cured awhile, its very tough to pull up. But since I am about to hot glue the bow to the clip anyways, it really is no big deal to make one tiny dot.

Phew, sorry for all the rambling

I am just excited to finally like this part of the bow!

If you need some to try, shoot me a PM or an email to [email protected]
I use the Specialty Tapes brand in the 1/4"! I just love it!!

That's my smilin' face

My PM Box is always kept full!

Shows & keep me busy!
(ask about the second one if you are interested in supplementing your show income, too!)
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