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Default Sticky bottlecaps

I ordered some bottlecaps on ebay with a design on them. I was going to attach them to my bows for my daughters bday. They came yesterday 6 in little plastic baggies (in a packaging box). I finally got a chance to take them out today and they feel a bit sticky. I carefully put my nail if a corner of one of the bottle caps and it left my nail indention. Plus if I turn them in certain angles I see the glaze kind of dripped, I hope that makes sense. Before pulling them out of the baggie I was happy but now I'm not so sure. I left them out in the open hoping maybe they haven't dried well yet???? Not sure. Anyone who does bottlecaps, can you tell me what went wrong with these? Will they dry if I leave them out and lose that sticky feel to them? I can't complain because i already left a positive feedback for them on Ebay, plus I really need them for this Saturday.
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