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Default Re: fabric flower help

Originally Posted by jenniflower View Post
I cannot figure out how to connect the pieces at the end together. I sew the five flower petals, but then how do u connect them? I can't find the tutorial... its the one where u cut 5 circles and then fold them.Thank you!

Is this the one where you cut the cirlce in half and then sew the open edge closed? Then you have to flip it right side out and hand sew the open edge? If so, you need to leave a 4" tail before threading so you can have something to tie it to. WHen you have all 5 petals strung, pull the thread tightly, without breaking it, so the petals all come together. I always do a surgeons knot, then 2 more knots after that just to make sure it's tight. This will close your hole up. The stiffer or thicker your fabric the harder it is to pull tight. HTH! If this isn't the right tut, sorry!
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