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Originally Posted by glamorous_bowtique View Post
A reply is not the original post - DA!!
Isn't is "DUH" ???

I am just teasing

Originally Posted by tealove4 View Post
So you mean if someone writes copyright on a picture it means it's copyrighted??!

Well shiz, in that case I am off to copyright the diamond ring, the purse, and whatever else floats my boat.

If we are talking a written work, it is copywritted if you write "copyright..." on it, if you are the original writer of the work you are automatically granted copyright laws, whether you register and pay or not.

Now if you register and pay the $30 or whatever it is then there are more benifits, but even if you do not purchase the copyright you still have rights to it IF you are the original writer and IF it is a written work. Tutu's and color combos are NOT copywriteable (I dont think that is a word, I might copy write it!...err trademark it )