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Default Re: AMAZING tutu!

Well... I pm'd and asked to cancel my order. I know how precious my DD would have looked in that tutu, but after the threat and drama to my fellow HG girls (who I love) I am just unhappy. Besides, my order should have been shipped on Thursday and it hasn't been.

I love everyone on here and didn't mean to start anything either. I, like all of you, am supporting my daughter and helping DH pay our house payment with my sales. After being laid off from a full time job, this is all I have to make money. That's not something new around here.

I just thought maybe I could create something that was similar that I could use for my little girl or maybe sell. It wouldn't have been a "Magic Tutu" but a Bit of Faith Tutu.

Again, I am sorry if I caused any problems. I am very "No Drama Zone."

Thanks girls!!