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Default Re: AMAZING tutu!

I think your tutu's are just beautiful and unique but with the on-line world there really is nothing that is just yours once it is posted or sold on the internet. If you want to keep it private then maybe just sell them to stores and friends as it is human nature for people to try to make them. Was I the first one to make a curly ostrich zebra hat (NO) but that does not mean I should not be able to make them. Have I ever made something I never saw before online and then saw others make it after I posted it for sale (Yes) but that is just part of the business I think we all get ideas from each other or online every now and then.
I understand what you are saying but in the way you worded your post actually will make people want to make them even more. I am not a tutu maker, your designs are just precious but your response was offensive to many.

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