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Originally Posted by weesewcute View Post
She put her shop on vacation. This is really creepy I must say. The first second I say I saw it somewhere. BAM she is right on the forum. The whole sob story about the single mom thing was totally over the top was it not? You sell 82 tutus on 7 months then you must be living in a shoe box somewhere. Not sure how you afford that lawyer.

I get stolen from daily on Etsy from a ex FB person. People have taken the words right off my listings. I have other outlets for sales. Not smart to put all your eggs in one basket.

Eggggggggggg-xactly! lol

If she has really been in business for over a decade she should know that when you put an idea on the internet it is almost always going to get used. You can't expect to put something worth selling out there and not have someone else see the potential for them to make money for their families off of it as well.