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Originally Posted by TheMagicTutuShoppe View Post
I am the woman who spent days coming up with my original tutu designs that were unique. And I just have to say to all of you that I find it incredibly HEARTBREAKING to have read through these postings.

I am a single mother and my tutus are my only way of supporting my daughter and myself.

I work incredibly hard to make my tutus different and special and I wish that people would just be respectful of artists and designers and appreciate their work, be inspired by their work and make your own unique designs rather than copy someone else's heart felt and hard work.

I have worked as a professional designer for over a decade and am ready to defend and protect my intellectual property through any legal means necessary.

I hope things don't come to it but anyone who I find committing copyright infringement will be hearing from my attorney and I have collected and forwarded all postings in this forum related to my designs to my lawyer.

Please be respectful and think about how you would feel if this was done to you.


The Magic Tutu Shoppe
You are not the only single mother trying to support herself and her child. You should consider saving the money you are paying your lawyer to support your daughter, since you have no legal claim here. Why dont you create ANOTHER account and act out the roll of your lawyer to scare everyone away! You can not honestly think that when you post ANYTHING to the internet it will not be critiqued - and if it is any good, someone out there will wish to recreate it. Instead of being so heartbroken and butt hurt you should be flattered.