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Originally Posted by glamorous_bowtique View Post
I can't even buy one of her tutus and you are suggesting that I am her Wow!!

If you look through the posts, there are three posts throughout here supporting her. So that is what I was talking about when I said I think she has probably already read these posts. It is just a hunch!

I am just defending her because she spent her time coming up with her own twist to a tutu. By the way, I am pretty sure you have not seen one like before. I don't make tutus for a living, but I can tell that it is not a two layer tutu as someone posted. Yes, they are beautiful and I can see why you would want to know how to make it. If you would make it for your own personal use, then maybe that would be okay since they are pretty expensive. However, making it then reselling it?!?

Sorry, if you all get offended but if that was your design you would not want anyone to copy it!! If you say you wouldn't care, you would be lying!! Of course, anyone who puts a design out there has to know it will be "copied" at some point because like you said that's how business works. I am sure there will be tutus just like it posted soon, I was just simply giving her credit for a beautiful design.

I was not trying to offended anyone with my first post; I was simply giving her credit for coming up with an original design. I cannot believe that it got blown up like that
I give her credit too. I think plenty of women in here did just that. They all stated how gorgeous her tutus were. So no one is putting her down. That doesn't mean they won't go and recreate it. Business is business.