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Originally Posted by weesewcute View Post
I find it equally as sad that someone comes onto a "how to" tutu forum under a different name and tries to pretend they are someone else. I don't believe for 1 moment that you just "popped up" from nowhere. I may not be the only one to sell a pinafore dress but I sell a bunch of them. It is called business competition. Actually I now remember were i saw this in a yahoo forum.

I for 1 sell clothes but I do have a law degree and I wonder how someone that is so tight with a lawyer would not know the usage of the phrase "All rights reserved" I think that was just thrown into you fake copyright info for good measure. The tutu mafia is alive and well. Maybe the same person that tired to claim the three tiered tutu last week.


Don't let her scare any of you away from trying to recreate this tutu. She has no "dibs" on it. It's a tutu for crying out loud. You can't copyright, or reserve rights on a tutu.

I for one do plan on trying to recreate it as I LOVE this style and live miles away from this woman. So I don't see any harm.

Oh and I wanted to add to TheMagicTUTU lady, you aren't the only one trying to support your family. That won't get you far.