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I like to use microfiber tights- they are soft, stretchy, don't run or fray and come in cute colors. I cut them 13 inches long (in the middle of each leg- I cut off the toe seam), then lay the ends overlapping about 1/2 an inch. This seems to be the right size to fit all babies/toddlers. I then accordian fold the overlapped ends together (I try to get it as small as I can) and sew with my sewing machine through all the layers, once forwards and then once all the way through on backstitch and trim the threads. They come out great! I then trim the ends of the tights, and I can use a small ribbon and hot glue to cover the seam. They stay together really well. sometimes I use the ribbon that has knotted the center of my bow to cover the seam, or sometimes I make flower headbands and glue the flowers directly to the ribbon that has covered the seam. Does this make any sense?
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