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Originally Posted by babybasics View Post
My only intention of posting the original link was because I truely think the tutus are great! I don't see anything wrong with trying to figure it out, or something close. There isn't anything that is "yours". Ya know? Someone is always going to recreate what you've done. There isn't much you can do about it.

If she isn't you, but has seen and posted to this thread, I think she could have sold about 20 tuts already! I know I'd buy one! There are some very creative people out there and just by looking at something can figure it out. So why not make some $ off of that?

I didn't mean to offend any one. Were all here on this board sharing ideas and brain storming together. I think that's what's great about HG!
You did nothing wrong. We are all entitled to try to recreate things people put out there. And you are right, she would be smart to sell tuts because lots of the women out there are very creative and will figure it out on their own eventually anyway.