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Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
No. There are certain advantages to purchasing a copyright, however if you WRITE something such as a tutorial you are automatically protected under copyright laws if it is an original work.

They just do not apply to designs or color combos, only the written instructions to make the design

I love her tutus, but she does not have a copyright to them and there is no way she could get one. She would have to get trademark for the names and a patten for the design. Unless she writes a tutorial for the design a copyright does not even apply here.


You your pattern is the only thing that is protected not the product. I can't resell your pattern but I can sell your product.

I have to say that people that post the kind of crap that she does about the copyrights to try and scare off a bit of competition make me very angry. Please go site your FAKE copyright info somewhere else. It is tutu. It would be like me making a peasant top and saying I own it because I iron it a certain way.

I have seen this tutu in another place before and trying to remember were. I think it was Angel babies. It is 2 tutus in one. I think it is the double band method and she ties or sews knot on the end. You wrap the band with the under part colors then you lace the white color though the band and pull it down to the bottom. Is is like a lattice type knot tutu.
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