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Default Re: Urgh! My bows keep coming off the clip!

I have the same brand gun, but mine is the cheapo mini from Wal mart..

I had some glue sticks here I tried to use and had nothing but trouble.
then I started using their brand and haven't had a problem.

I glue mine the same as you it looks like.

I can say this though..once you have the glue on there you need to be quick to adhere it. If you move slowly the glue cools just enough to not stick as well. I figured that out when I had someone over helping me once before and theirs kept coming off..I watched them and I think they took too long to put the 2 pieces together. The glue needs to be nice and hot.

Have the 2 parts ready to go, quickly put the glue on and put the pieces together..give it a squeeze to make sure it's nice and tight.

JMO but it works for me.


Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
Am I the only one who has trouble with their glue gun holding up? This is not the first time I have brought up this issue. But, I am having serious trouble with my bows staying attached to my lined clips. Most of the time, I can pull them off pretty easily and have to re-glue them at least once. I was using "multi" temp glue sticks that I bought at Walmart. I thought that maybe that was the problem and bought some that said they were specifically "high" temp at Hobby Lobby. I was still having problems. So, then I even bought a new glue gun, hoping this would help. This is what I bought:
But, I am having the same problem! It seems to just be with ribbon to ribbon gluing that is an issue. I don't have problems with ribbon coming off my lined clips or with flowers that I have glued to lined clips. Also, I am making sure the glue is good and hot before I use it. I usually let it heat up for at least 30 minutes before I use it. I am getting seriously frustrated! I keep having to add more glue and then the back of my bow doesn't look as neat as I would like. What could be the problem? Do I need an even higher temp glue gun? Mine is 20 watt, but I saw some that were 40 watt. Also, I am using mainly YAMA ribbon, which has a sheen to it. Is this the source of the problem?

Added pics to show how I do it. I completely glued the clip to the bow (Pic 2). You can see in Pic 4 what I am talking about. I can pull on the bow and separate it from the clip. It won't completely come off, but the bow can be separated from the clip.
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