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Default Re: Does anyone make headbands like this?

Well in my opinion I dont think this tutorial was was very clear at all. It is 25 pages long but most of them were just showing you how to roll the center (which I didnt use). As for the actual petal tutorial you only get 2 images with 2-3 very small sentences. I still don't get at all how she wants me to make her petal so I just came up with this petal myself. I wrote her and told her I didnt understand that part and told her in detail what I did, sent her pic and she said you got it!.......umm no I didn't??

If you see her tut there are only 2 steps to making the petal took 4

....but overall I'm happy I bought the tut because without it I wouldn't have came up with my I would consider it "inspired by"

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