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Default Re: OMG Isn't this the cutest!

Originally Posted by gcpom02 View Post
I love this dress!!! Its adorable, all her stuff is. I don't think it is overpriced though. I think her dresses are mostly special occasion dresses or meant to be... Also the fabric IS a PITA to sew and they look well constructed. Also, like someone else said, too many of us under price ourselves. I was looking at her sales and she practically has a sale everyday so if people are willing to pay that much then it is worth it!
Ditto! I just made Ava this same dress well not with tulle but the same design but with straps and there is no way I would sell it for $30. I was thinking $45 for the one I made but if I made something mre fancy like this I would charge at least $75. Working with a big piece of tulle like that is not as simple as some may think. It is hard to keep it from sliding. I love her dresses (I agree I would prefer straps) I marked her a couple of months ago
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