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Default Re: My Most Disliked Part of the Business

Yes, agree. Great photo makes a huge difference. Which free products you mentioned below will remove background like picture?

Originally Posted by shelby2000 View Post
Taking pictures and editing them is one of my favorite parts. I must be crazy! LOL! I have a homemade light box set up on a table and I take the picture right after I finish the item I've made, that way I never have a lot of pictures to take all at once. It takes me no time to do all this now, because I know exactly how I want things to look and I know what part of my software does what. Everything I use is FREE:, Picasa, and GIMP. I know it can be frustrating and seem like a pain in the nether parts, but a great photo will sell your items really well. When I post a picture on Facebook I have orders within minutes of posting it. I think great photos are what sell your items, oh and they have to be cute, too.

I attached a before and an after of a picture of some sequin headbands that I edited.
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