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Default Re: Will take photos for your product!

OMG! I'm glad you started this thread because yesterday I was checking your website and meant to send you a message about how you started the whole thing. But, of course, I was in a rush because we were going to a basketball game and so I didn't get a chance to pm you.

I love your website and your photos are great!!! I would love to trade some items for photos. I only have hair accessories for now, but I would love to start a website and great photos are a must.

Do you mind sending me a PM about your experience with the website? How do I go about launching my own? Does it cost a lot? How are sales compare to Etsy, if you sell on etsy? I'm assuming you need to have a business license. How do you go about that?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

And, yes! I would love to get some awesome photos from your friend. So, let me know what the next step would be. Many thanks!


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