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Default Re: YAY for the BBM Twisted Template!

Originally Posted by jyoung434 View Post
OMG, I am so happy right now. I just got my BBM Twisted Template, and it is AMAZING. I cannot make twisted bows to save my life, so I have been doing just pinwheels for the longest time. Literally the first bow I made with this looked awesome. I will post a picture shortly -- I was being lazy and tried to bake the first two I made in my toaster oven, and kinda melted them a bit. Whoops! So I made another one and I'm baking it in my regular oven now.

But I just wanted to say YAY for the twisted template and THANK YOU Karyn!

Here are pics:

I made both of these today. The first picture is a bow I did freehand, the 2nd is with the template.

Holy Moly your bow is perfect!!! I keep watching the ad when it plays on HG and I keep talking myself out of it but I think I need it!
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