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Default LOL is this realistic enough?

Every year for our preschool graduation, we put together a slideshow. We always use a baby pic of the kid and then a current picture at the beginning. This year, we thought we'd do that with the Staff at the end of the slideshow to the song "The Reasons I Teach." Just by the title of that, it's a sad song. We'll all be balling probably So, I thought to lighten it up a little bit, we'll display our baby pics, and then a goofy pic of each classroom set of teachers. Here is what I had in mind for my classroom. I did not have a great picture taker so I wanted more of the floor in there so it was hard to really get that effect on the bottom of the picture. And, I don't have the version of photoshop that all of the tutorials gave on creating duct tape so all I could find as a brush was this camo crap. So anyway, it's our adaptive PE teacher, my aid, and then me
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