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[QUOTE=allstarcheergirl;515351]Those are the ones I always find when I'm looking for the other kind! Those are nice too but I am looking for the ones with the open flaps / folder type thing. If you can make one, that'd be great. I want a custom picture, looks like it's printed on the cover plastic? And then when you open it up it is just 2 clear pockets. I can send you a picture of the one I have to show you what I'm looking for I wonder how they get the design on the plastic though.


Oh, I won't be able to make anything like that with a picture on it. I was just thinking something along the lines that Kim posted but just edged with material. I won't be able to help you out then. I don't have that capacity. One thing you can do is post it on Etsy what yours looks like now and ask if someone can make one for you and what your price range is. It's under the alchemy portion where you can request custom items to be made. That would be your best bet! The beauty of the alchemy is that you are not obligated to choose one if none of them are to your liking. I've used that place before and there are so many talented people on there!
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