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Originally Posted by karina721 View Post
Found this if you like this one:[]=tags&includes[]=title
Those are the ones I always find when I'm looking for the other kind! Those are nice too but I am looking for the ones with the open flaps / folder type thing. If you can make one, that'd be great. I want a custom picture, looks like it's printed on the cover plastic? And then when you open it up it is just 2 clear pockets. I can send you a picture of the one I have to show you what I'm looking for I wonder how they get the design on the plastic though.

Originally Posted by Kim Raybon View Post

would either of these can personalize all sides.....
Thanks for the links, it all just looks too complicated to me right now, haha!
Didn't read through everything but is the personalization on it or do you just slip something in the pocket so it shows through the front? The ones I have in mind have the design printed on the cover plastic.
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