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Default Re: Product Photo Tips

Originally Posted by kaikai View Post
Great advice! I just took my Nikon D80, switched it to Manual, and they came out awesome! Do you know of any good tutorials for PSE on how to get a white background?
Not off the top of my head. However, if you have good contrast between the item and the background, use the selection tool (that looks like a magic wand I think). I usually set it to around a value of 10 if there is not much difference, or 60 if there is great contrast. Keep clicking on the background until it is solid, meaning everything but the bow is selected. Then, feather (try 5-10), then with the color set to white ffffff, and the background still selected, press delete. If you need more specifics for selection, try googling "Magic Selection Tool"...I think that is what they call it in Elements. There was also a tutorial in a sticky thread, at the top of the Picture Perfect category, if I remember right.

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