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Default Re: Product Photo Tips

Originally Posted by bittybows View Post
5) As mentioned in step 4, if you want a truly white background like professional images, it is nearly impossible to achieve through the camera alone, even with a lightbox and the best exposed image. After consulting with some professional image companies, when I thought about hiring this task off, I found out that even they, with their professional equipment and experience, use Photoshop to remove the backgrounds. Photoshop Elements is a much cheaper version (around $60-80), but will do everything you need. Select your background, feather, and replace it with a white background. Flatten your layers, and it is done! Depending on the version and type of photoshop you have, again you can google step by step instructions on how this is done. It is amazing how much of a difference it can make to remove the background of a product image.
or use dodge to lighten your background.
Very useful tips.
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