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Default Re: Review of the Gator Bite

I'm also a believer of the gator bite. For one I can actually get the TBB down perfectly with it. I just wrap the ribbon around the template, slide off and shape it, use and pinch clip to hold it in shape while I slide it on the gator bite. Comes out great!

As for using it with my other templates, I just had a "duh" momment the other day and figured out how to do pinwheels and such with the NBNG templates. You lay your ribbon on your template and go a head and sew the center creases, BUT, do not knot the end of your tread or what ever you are using. Leave it long and have the very end long like you have 2 tails. Carefully slide it off the template into the gatorbite. Tie off like normal. I can actually make pinwheels now!

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