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Default Re: Scared of Wood burning tool

Originally Posted by Loelle View Post
Here is what I have heard. I made the glass cutting mat that Tonya describes on her website. A Flight of Fancy: Hairbows, Free Tips
I think I read that she hot glued her woodburner stand and glue gun stand to the mat and that it really helped her. I haven't done that...yet.
Yep, that's what I do! Those flimsy little stands just don't do their job, and I usually have 3 different things going on at once, so I don't have room for a big cookie sheet or skillet. So, I glued them down (did the stand for my hotfix tool too) and I get a small work area + sturdy stands. Also, since the tools each have their own spot, my cords don't ever get tangled.

Here's a pic:

Just make sure you don't ever get it too close to your skin and there won't be any reason to be scared of it. Remember, you're much bigger than it is and you could totally kick it's ... well, you catch my drift ... if it came down to it. If it helps, you're more than welcome to do a bit of trash talking to put it in its place before you even begin.
Have a great day! ~ Tonya
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