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Default New respect for tutu makers

So I started making my daughter a tutu last night for her bday in two weeks. I went into this very excited and with an "I can do that" attitude, yes I was quite the bad-ass . By the end of the night I was beaten down and defeated!

My tulle was cut uneven, I didn't know how to cut it into even strips, I couldn't figure out how long to make it, I cut myself with the rotary cutter, it needs alot more tulle than I thought, and I'm wasting alot of tulle because I keep having to cut the ends to even it out.
It looks so easy on Youtube...

Anyway, all the time I'm doing this I keep thinking I should have just bought it on ebay. I could have gotten a bday t-shirt and the tutu for about $27. I paid 15 for the tulle (in yards not a spool) and elastic.
Aaahhhh, but I would have not have had the satisfaction of knowing that this precious tutu was made by mommy's loving hands for my precious baby girl for her 2nd birthday right? I guess. Hahaha

Anyway, I got about 1/4 done, and it actually looks decent. So even though my neck and shoulder's hurt and my carpal tunnel has been acting up, actually feel a bit proud of myself.
Did I mention I was up until 1:00 am doing this?

Have a great day!
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