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Default Re: Scared of Wood burning tool

Umm, no it's not silly. I am afraid of mine. I used it the other day to try to cut korkers and burned my finger. Oww. Talk about an instant blister. It was a deep one as well and it just annoyed the crap out of me, as it was on the palm side of my index finger. Hmm, come to think of it, guess I was lucky as the skin there is thinker and tougher. Anyway. I also dislike the stand. Here is what I have heard. I made the glass cutting mat that Tonya describes on her website. A Flight of Fancy: Hairbows, Free Tips
I think I read that she hot glued her woodburner stand and glue gun stand to the mat and that it really helped her. I haven't done that...yet.

Also I have heard that some people put their woodburner in an old skillet when they are using it. Not sure what type they use...cast iron sounds like it might work. Oh and I used an old fork to hold my korkers down to cut them last night. It took a bit more time, but I didn't burn myself!!
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