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Default Re: which tutu instructions should I buy?

Originally Posted by pat font View Post
Thanks will check it out!

It was a tie tutorial on ETSY. It was OK, however I had already seen it on free sites. When you ties is seems to take more tulle, looks fuller but it easily mussed up. I know that one time over the head and my grandaughters had it in a heap on the floor that took awhile to straighten out.

When I sew a tutu, I just start with like 1/2 elastic. Measure waist size. Don't sew a seam..

Cut your tulle into 6" strips. When I but the 6" tulle rolls, I just wrap it over and over around a piece of cardboard (premeasured for length of skirt). It is double of what the length should be.

Take the tulle and fold in half, fold it over the elastic, lay the next piece the same what and start stitching, keep repeating. I use a wooden chopstick to push the tulle if my machine gets ahead of me. (When you come to the end of the elastic, you can then sew the elastic and sew the waist seam. I can make a tutu very quickly like this.

Clear as mud right??? The sewn tutu's can be used for play as they stay together and don't muss up as much.. My opinion only. I to knot and sew tutus.. (knotting I can do at the coffee shop, basketball game. etc.

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