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Originally Posted by ThreeBlessingsBowtique View Post

Are you saying that even tho I made a t-shirt dress, I MIGHT NOT be the first one to ever think of it? I suppose next you are going to tell me that I am also not the first to think of tooth pics and dental floss eh?

Allison, you are so funny!

Originally Posted by adyer View Post
the look of the end pieces can be duplicate by sewing the pieces of tulle onto the bottom hem---I've done something like that with fabric and w/ tulle you can fold the tulle accordion style place it on top of the bottom of the skirt and sew right down the middle...looks complicated, but it's soooo easy! with the other photos the knot can be easily seen and she probably laid them onto the bottom by hot gluing or even sewing them by hand--so many different ways
I still think it's tied. Look here:

Do you see how it the black/white is slipped through the top of the waistband? It looks like it just goes underneath it and ties and the bottom.
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